Looking to sell your owner financed real estate note?


Do you own a land contract, trust deed (deed of trust), private mortgage or any other kind of owner financed real estate note?  If you do there’s no better time or place to sell your real estate note than through NoteAdvocate.com. NoteAdvocate.com finds the best buyers for your owner financed real estate note.  Selling your real estate note through NoteAdvocate offers these great benefits:

  • trusted network representing industry best note buyers,
  • proprietary matching engine that analyzes the unique characteristics of your note and gets in front of the right buyer(s) willing to pay a fair price for your note and
  • friendly and experienced staff that puts you first!

Are you worried you don’t have a “good” note to sell?  Well don’t!  Any kind of note can be submitted into NoteAdvocate’s Mortgage Note Quote engine including performing notes, non-performing notes, first and even second positions, commercial real estate, single-family homes, multi-use properties, vacation properties, mobile homes, log cabins, farm land, vacant land – you name it!

If you’re wondering, yes, we developed their proprietary matching engine and mobile commerce capabilities.  So check it out and let us know what you think!